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Technically Improbable! is a three part documentary series that attempts to answer the question of how high technology happened in and around Grass Valley, California, as well as explore its impacts on the world.  The series is currently in production and is scheduled for release in late 2019.

Episode 1: Origins
The story of how high technology came to Grass Valley is really a tale of two men: Charles Litton, Sr and Dr. Donald Hare.  What they brought to Grass Valley, both in terms of inspiration and perspiration, set in motion more than sixty years of local progress in various high technology fields.

Episode 2: Fun and Games
Beginning in the early 1970’s, several companies in the Grass Valley area made an impact on the world of entertainment.  From toy trains, to electronic instruments, to the venerable Atari 2600, 400, and 800, you’ll meet the people who made these things possible.

Episode 3: Explosion
In 1973, Dr. Donald Hare’s company, the Grass Valley Group, was sold to Tektronix.  This set off decades of innovation in television production technology.  Ultimately, the success of the Grass Valley Group in the region would create multiple successful spin-off companies that made even further significant contributions to television.

This project is being produced by Nevada County Media, a 501(c)(3) organization.